Pour what’s left of me,

into the puree machine,


press the button,

liquefy my everything,


slosh me about carelessly,

pour me out and take a drink,


how does it taste?

your short-lived victory,


the look on your face,

conveys quite bitterly,


the grit it leaves between your teeth,

how you can’t digest  me completely,


go ahead and spit it out,

throw me up onto the street,


I could’ve saved you the trouble,

had you bothered asking me.



7 thoughts on “Puree.

  1. philessatry says:

    “how does it taste your short lived victory” — very nice line. Thanks for sharing this piece.

  2. KT Workman says:

    “Gritty”, bitter, cathartic, and most of all, well done.