Area Locals.

And…they’re all against me…

Okay, not really; but each animal encountered thus far has proven ornery in his or her unique way.

  1. I was nearly stampeded by a disturbingly stealthy sounder of wild boar in a clearing (where there was fire going) at like 5:30am; after some initial screaming and table climbing, my (much more outdoorsy) relatives came and essentially shooed the lot of them through our camp.hogs
  2. The local bird situation: We all know how I feel about birds…but I realize that I am in their’ territory so it’s not been too bad, all things considered. There is a woodpecker however, who insists on pecking away at the acorn tree right over MY head for hours on end, which is super annoying at first but you learn to tune it out. Acorn WoodpeckerAnd there are the California Condors, who fly overhead because they have a preserve at the Pinnacles; I had no idea how fucking ugly those things are in the face, wow…condor pinns
  3. A few Grey Foxes have been scampering and playing in the distance, one is much more curious about our camp than his mates.greyfox
  4. There are big cats all over the place – Mountain Lions and Bobcats, at least…and they have evolved into very ballsy beasts that fear no human. The curiosity trait supposedly akin to all cats is definitely present in the wild cats in this area; they keep you on your toes at all times.bobcatMountain Lion
  5. THE OLD SAYING “They are more afraid of you than you’re afraid of them.” DOES NOT STAND HERE.

In short, the local wildlife is engaging enough in collective behavior to render any trip out here to “relax” totally out of the question, which is fine with me – I have ADHD and PTSD so relaxing is an elusive idea to me under any circumstances.




One thought on “Area Locals.

  1. I’d rather live with them, than people 😜

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