Puppet Show.

I held your attention,

as long as I could,

forgetting to mention,

my heart’s carved of wood,

the sense of new abandonment,

the wrench and screw of tools,

the shakedown of grandiloquence,

words from the pockets of fools,

once more the senses renew,

the push and pull attached to you,

and I have come unglued;

You held my attention,

until your grip let go,

upon closer inspection,

it was a puppet show,

inbox of misinterpretations,

love letters from a nihilist,

the influx of falsifications,

from the pen of selfishness,

made out to be seem poetic,

reading my own words to me,

lingering taste that’s toxic,

let loose in my bloodstream.




5 thoughts on “Puppet Show.

  1. Morgan says:

    Hi I am Morgan I really like this piece of art you’ve written

    Liked by 1 person

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