Woke up again this way,

my groggy mind,

already confined,

to a maelstrom’s disarray;

and I snarl at the new day,

looking ahead,

I’m unexcited,

by the prospects in my face,

oh, how I hate this place,

not my environment,

but my own sentiment,

a land of spiritual waste,

I can’t easily rinse out the taste,

this kind of day,

gets wasted away,

while I try to kick-start my brain,

a task that is always in vain,

it shakes things up,

it fucks me up,

it makes me feel so helpless again,

and supposedly, I’m on the mend,

this is “progress”,

but I confess,

every day like today does me in.



2 thoughts on “Wobble.

  1. Bravo. I bow and take my hat off. This is magnificent

    Liked by 1 person

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