Hot Air and Gas.

It’s not my place to philosophically get,

it’s not like it’s anything you will admit,

and why would you take a chance to forfeit,

holding onto your cake as you nibble from it?

It’s not in my blood to try and manipulate,

a man’s persona to my own specific taste,

but, when it’s in a man’s blood to prevaricate,

everything just becomes a monumental waste;

the biggest problem that I have with you,

is that I allowed Trust too close to Untruth,

I don’t understand, and, don’t think I want to,

you just reopened some newly closed wounds;

simple as that, you never even looked back,

a difficult concept for my me to fully grasp,

it’s sad see you turn out to be just hot air and gas,

blowing clouds of bullshit smoke up my stupid ass.




7 thoughts on “Hot Air and Gas.

  1. Power behind every line

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  2. tarnishedsoul says:

    IS this an authentic thing you’re dealing with or are you putting the thoughts on paper, so to speak?

    You are far from stupid…but then again, I am partial to you, my friend! 😉

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    • It’s a thing I perpetually deal with somehow, over and over…which is telling in its own right, I guess…I AM pretty fuckin stupid when it comes to dudes and which ones I’m drawn to…
      Im totally partial to you also; I’ve let you get away with lots of self-destructive comments on all of your blogs because I adore the Hell out of you. Plus, you’re a cop so I’m scared of you (just kidding).
      You know I love ya, bud. Xx

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