Not For MY People.

Hey, you fucking morons in power;

here’s a fucking idea to the candidates running for president; as well as any future hopefuls belonging to the cursed days to come :

Why not use some of your billions of dollars (money that isn’t really yours, in all reality) to do some ACTUAL GOOD for a change. Do it before you get elected; do it after you get elected; do it because it’s the right fucking thing to do.


You want to lead this country?

You want to have the world’s respect as a leader?

You want to make history, in the “good” column?


You might have the fake smiles and cash endorsements of the “important people” (translation: people who are rich like you are) in Washington and New York and Texas; but, there’s so much that you seem to have overlooked in your neediness for admirers to cast a vote in your direction…those aren’t the people that matter. Those aren’t the ones who are so hungry for a change in this country that they are falling apart neighborhood by neighborhood, family by family. Those people could care less about the Mother Earth, the OBVIOUSLY tainted brutality belonging to so many police professional across the country, the hungry children with no warm clothes or place to sleep, the seething unrest that boils beneath the very feet of the citizens that YOU somehow feel you have what it takes to lead.

Nothing you can say or do will help us; nothing you claim to stand for makes any difference to our increasingly shameful status as Americans. How many of you have come in succession with promises and big plans that you vomit from your despicable mouths (yes, Obama is included, sorry)? How much better have we grown as a nation? Do you even know what the word NATION actually stands for? Where I come from, it literally means “a federation of tribes”; shall I recite the definition of the word “tribe” as well?


10 thoughts on “Not For MY People.

  1. Rita says:


  2. doubtpuppet says:

    Bravo. Sadly I don’t think these clowns are even elected representatives any more. I think they’re just front men for banks and corporations to weave their wicked way while keeping us distracted with a fantasy pantomime. The same narrative continues regardless who gets in. But enough people buy the charade that it continues unchallenged. It’s a depressing state of affairs. I don’t think the human race has ever been more controlled than now. I wish I had a rousing uplifting bow to put round that but that’s what I honestly think.