He said that he remembered everything,

the mass of Terra-firma disappearing,

how quickly he failed to fully recognize,

the shores of home under darkening skies,

he said he went yonder and fought for his life,

and the lives of his people and his people’s allies,

he said he never knew what happened to them,

he came home to a family who had disowned him,

people that he loved looked down on where he’d been,

that was his first lesson as a returning veteran,

His heart seems to have always revolved around one thing,

he always had the goal of growing up to be a Marine,

he learned to do things early on that grown men still can’t do,

and he used those skills in the pits of Hell as he rolled through,

it’s no wonder he went back again to the same chaotic war,

the structured life of ‘do or die’ made sense just like before,

the structured life of Semper Fi was back where he’d been hit,

he saw no point in staying where his needs where never met,

I begged and cried when he said goodbye for the second time,

certain that his injuries had somehow warped his mind,

but he knew what he wanted so there was no argument,

one more time, after this time, did he volunteer deployment,

the military made a robot of my childhood sweetheart,

he’d go back even now, somehow, and it breaks my fucking heart.

One thought on “Robot.

  1. Simon says:

    War creates conflict in the lives of everyone, it’s a cruel taker and it’s needs can’t be met. Big love to you ❤