Bad For Your Health.

You’ve got to,

admit the truth,

in those quiet moments,

alone with your torment,

let it come through,

let it educate you;

in the veil of safety,

tap the bead bravely,

let it wash in,

without explanation,

in the truth’s free ring,

in the shackles and chains,

let it taint your feebleness,

let it dissolve your wickedness;

whisper to yourself,

how bad I am for your health,

in the big picture it’s true,

in the grand scheme you lean to.

3 thoughts on “Bad For Your Health.

  1. Mind blown!
    This is fucking up my thinking. Powerful.

  2. Rita says:


  3. doubtpuppet says:

    Lovely poem and idea. The truth sneaks in when your defences are down and dissolves those lovely sand castles you built. The bastard!