Fooling Of Fools.

If you’ve dared to delude,
Enough to somehow include,
Any notion that’s at all akin to,
The breaking of rules,
The fooling of fools,
Let this be where I stop you,
And remind you of a truth,
That’s likely been misconstrued,
By a process that’s tried and true,
You’ve come too far unglued,
If you allow the idea to brew,
Of ever getting close enough,
To the heart you long to touch,
If you think I can’t do the math,
Remind yourself I’m no dumbass,
Think again before you try,
To please yourself in your own eyes,
It wont end the way you foresee,
If your game is to see if I’m sturdy,
I will surprise you most assuredly,
And not a surprise that leaves you happy.

2 thoughts on “Fooling Of Fools.

  1. Simon says:

    Only a fool would take you for one! ☺

  2. Wordidge
    Pure genius wordidge
    And yes I have officially made that a word!