Human War.

I remember this strange sense of knowing,

like a bee’s stinger in my fingertip,

a seizure into which I was going,

a heart’s release from salvation’s grip,

the world in my life began slowing,

whittled everything down to a point,

motion seemed to fully stop flowing,

Father Time held Mother Earth at gunpoint;

I remember the certainty of an ending,

at the beginning that was given to me,

all the truths I had been condescending,

appeared to reclaim my dwindling sanity,

there was no more childish pretending,

about how dark I had grown up to be,

the rules would no longer be bending,

I could no longer claim any sanctuary;

I remember breathing embittered breath,

begrudgingly inhaling and exhaling the air,

angry to be on the up-side of Death,

wondering how everything became so unfair,

looking around, I found not too much was left,

and was surprised by how little I cared,

I flailed and stumbled through my own wrath,

the effect of stupid things I’ve stupidly declared;

but I remember too, that Life likes to go on,

how someday it won’t be able to go on like before,

while the heart is young and the will is strong,

we have to live for what we would also die for,

in the light of the moon or the shine of the sun,

we have to perpetually fight the Human War,

we need Father Time to put down the gun,

before there’s no mother to protect any more.



5 thoughts on “Human War.

  1. ‘Father Time held Mother Earth at gunpoint’ Love this, its pure genius

    Liked by 1 person

  2. JMC813 says:

    Cannot even begin to express what emotion this carries in its well crafted delivery J. Hit me like a bullet from Father Time’s Shotgun. Keep fighting the Human War my friend and take no prisoners.

    Liked by 1 person

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