My Kid.

Overdosed again.

She is alive, but in ICU again.

There truly can’t be anything more emotionally painful or spiritually murderous than to live in this particular realm of Limbo; where the knowledge of so much misery and ruin of my only (though completely estranged) child is permanent. 

15 thoughts on “My Kid.

  1. Hey girl, still here, watching and reading, your kid will be fine.

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  2. I’ll be thinking of you ❤

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  3. tarnishedsoul says:

    Ever since I first connected to you, I have a tender spot for you and the pain you endure.
    I hope you find comfort and I hope she finds peace.
    I’m so sorry, my friend. 😦

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  4. Rita says:

    Oh AJ! My love to you and prayers for your child 😓

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  5. So sorry. Don´t forget to take good care of you.

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  6. Somethings are beyond human aid. That is when we reach out to a power greater than ourselves.


  7. I am so sorry. I wish her the best.

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  8. nameless says:



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