Americana Injustica

My eyes have opened to see something,

well-hidden in mind and from foresight from me…

fluttering just above my outstretched reach,

a flickering phantom in step with my feet…

My heart began to scream out desperately,

arteries bleeding and pumping explosively…

when I saw in my tear-blurred periphery,

that my own heartbeat had long-ago ceased…

the breaths I’ve wasted in looking for things,

that are not meant to be known to my being…

lost or thrown away every moment in between,

used up all my rations and tried every strategy…

the pages in this section are too destroyed to read,

the floors along this passage are red and slippery,

the memories won’t tap out and fade away from me,

the void is all that harbors any remnants left of me…

intensity that’s bordering the edge of combustibility,

audacity that teeters on the outskirts of insanity…

immeasurable amounts of loss and…

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