R.I.P. Halloween.

  • Until this year (the Waking Nightmare Election 2016), Halloween has been the ONLY day on the American Calendar that permits dressing up like anybody or anything that suits one’s fancy and calling at the front door of people’s homes after dark, to be warmly received and given candy. Unfortunately, it appears that from now on, we will be dressing up as sheep every fourth year to hit the poll booths so Halloween will no longer hold the uniqueness that it always had. Granted, there will be no wiggle room in regard to costume customization for voting days in the future, as sheep all look the same, but it steals the sunshine of Halloween costumes, all the same.
  • Halloween is the only day of the year that legally allows one to construct a hideous display of macabre and terrifying scenery in the front yard without being held as a kidnapper or terrorist for 48 hours.
  • Halloween is also the only day that I have ever been successful at scaring the parents of several toddlers badly enough to make them literally ditch their young and end up out at the curb without thinking twice. (Once, the dad actually came physically out of his shoes when he bolted).
  • Candy
  • Adorable youngsters dressed up as all kinds of adorable things at my door, trying to say “Trick or treat!” through missing front teeth.

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Halloween.

  1. Glad we don’t get trick or treaters here on the marina, nor carol singers at Yuletide.
    We had the former at the house once though, and cute little kids (parents in background) in fancy dress knocked on the door. We were prepared. A group of three teenage lads tried their luck and got silly string instead as they’d made no effort at all. Ten minutes after being squirted, they were back, improvising on our front step as a headless torso (coat over head and shoulders) carrying head (pal under armpit lurking on the lower step in our bushes) and the third asking if we had any string left. We gave them a couple of bars of chocolate, and two weeks later they were back at our door singing carols! They got a flea in their ear for that trouble as it was way too early!

  2. And a biting sense of sarcasm, wit and sharpness to really make fools of those who do not know how to properly read such an exquisite piece!!