Not Me.


a familiar thing,

that trails behind me like a string;

that same ol’ gnawing,

sense of drowning,


pressure building,

beneath a surface’s sheen;

steadily weighing,

heavily displaying,


a full timepiece,

that’s already bending my knees;

feelings release,

freedoms decrease,

second guessing…

constantly testing,

the tolerance of my abilities;



there’s no controlling me.


3 thoughts on “Not Me.

  1. First, Thank you for liking one of my posts ! I like the style in which you write. It is not what I usually read. The honesty in what you write is what drew me in. Plus, personal pain seems to motivate you. Maybe it is just the father/grandfather radar in me over reacting. I wrote a few posts on self-love and self-deception that you may find of use. Peace, Marshall