Staggering Cruelty.

Yesterday, I was called “so cruel” as to be “staggering to the mind” of the person who chose to voice such a mean-spirited thing to me right now. I was called cruel because I carved out the next few days completely for my mom; so that I will not have to worry about juggling or racing around to fulfill commitments I’ve made to anybody besides my mom. Upon being called cruel in this context yesterday, I realized something quite clearly:

If being with my mother as she lives out the end of her life equates to my own cruelty towards a single person other than her, so fucking be it. I have dread this circumstance for my entire existence, and it has finally come to meet me, to take her away forever. I may be a self-absorbed bitch for ignoring any and all of my other connections to other human beings at present, but that’s the way my crumbly cookie has fallen apart

I am 110% pre-occupied with my mom’s situation, and if that is abnormal – – – shoot me; and then, go fuck yourself real good.

4 thoughts on “Staggering Cruelty.

  1. Focus on mom, everything will fall into place

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  2. me says:

    You are completely and utterly On To It to be doing watcha doin! ❤

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  3. operahell says:

    Love you girl. People are bags of dicks. You just keep doing what is right to you, anyone selfish enough to call you cruel at a time like this is a miserable creature indeed.

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  4. Mr Modigliani says:

    You should be solely focused on your mom. Ignore anyone else and especially any criticism

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