The Immensity Of It All.

It feels as if I have swum too far out and snapped my board in half against a storm.

It feels like I am ever-battered by the disappearance and return of surprise rogue breakers.

It feels so full of darkened, smoky expectations and brewing anxieties.

It feels like such a tiny, shrunken world.

It feels as though my chest and esophagus, ears and eyes sizzle with sadness and grief.

It feels so impossible to take this reality into myself, to accept it as truth.

It feels so immense and heavy and is so hard to carry.

But I am forced to pick it up.

2 thoughts on “The Immensity Of It All.

  1. The burden is shared by present but invisible fingers of your friends and others who care. You may feel alone in your struggles, but you are not. Thoughts may not be seen, but they are there for you. Sending mine to you. <3