Things I’ve Learned From Dead People 2.

  1. The Buddhist and Hindu color that represents mourning is white – NOT black (And in most cases, wearing red will get you flat-out removed from the service).
  2. During the Chinese New Year, we are forbidden to instigate any kind of contact with any of the Chinese families that we serve.
  3. There don’t seem to be any postal restrictions on mailing cremains overseas in a rickety Cambodian cigar box wrapped inside of a torn pillow case.
  4. Yes, it can actually be a common and acceptable thing to text a co-worker or to say out loud over the walkie-talkie: “Meet me at the Mausoleum in ten.”, or, “Please call in the Undertaker now.” (An out-dated industry term, according to those on location with me, I should add.)
  5. It is best to always be particularly respectful to those older than yourself even if they are junior to you in position; your elders are generally more mature in judgement and life’s experiences and this deserves respect, even in the workplace.
  6. Grief is a perpetually cold-hearten and psychopathic bitch who pirates the soul and does seriously weird things to it.