Things I’ve Learned From Dead People 3.

  1. Dead people are ALWAYS accompanied by paperwork; if they have no paperwork, we unfortunately have NO business with them, or their loved ones.
  2. Even when it comes to a thing as sacred as a family burial plots, the living are conniving weasels behind the backs of their own family members.
  3. When or if you ever find yourself dealing with a service counselor, funeral director or arranger, there is a strong possibility that you are actually engaging with a retired Marine or Navy officer; it is just as strong of a possibility that you are being counseled by a surviving POW (At my cemetery, at least).
  4. Regardless of your own religion or belief system, it is out of a generalized respect for human life and death that you should ALWAYS stand and bow your head to the passing of a funeral procession (even our yard crew guys stop what they are doing and remove their caps when they see one coming or going by).
  5. It is a true fact that a disturbing number of people (that you know) have already planned their own burial wardrobe.
  6. Most people who are buried in a casket are not wearing shoes.
  7. The “toe-tag” has evolved into no more than an urban legend these days.
  8. Where I work, there are record books that are each literally heavier than me from the 1800s that were hand-written and can still be accessed to date.
  9. Thousands of people died of “Dentation” in the old days.
  10. Even in death, we continue to intentionally pollute our Mother Earth through our need to be preserved and maintained.

10 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned From Dead People 3.

  1. Simon says:

    Hi ya. I didn’t know most of that.
    You’ve been I my thoughts ☺

  2. me says:

    I’ve done #5 LOL , and to avoid #10 we’re doing the natural solution … no embalming, biodegradable casket, clothing etc. Well thats my plan … have told the fams if they do something different I’ll haunt the shit outta them! LOL

    • Exactly. Where I work, only the Jews do it right.
      No embalming with the double tall bottomless creche that the basic wooden coffin is lowered into. Great thinking ahead, girl. 😊

      • me says:

        I didn’t know that … geniuses … btw I’m part Jewish (seriously) LOL. And yes, thats me, always planning ahead 😉

        • Are you really? That explains your depth and at least part of your strength!

          • me says:

            Really?? I don’t know alot about the Jewish people, other than the Holocaust and my activism research. It’s an area I haven’t explored for me personally yet. But yeah, my maternal Nan was part Jewish and English. And my maternal Grandfather was Indigenous/French-Canadian.
            They’re a ‘deep’ people then?? Strong – for sure!

          • The deepest of deep. If you think about it, they have been the world’s kicking post for all time…but this fact hasn’t evolved them into a hateful or cruel people, quite the opposite, somehow. The Jewish people (as both a culture and as a religious sect) have earned my unwavering respect and admiration.

          • me says:

            Wow … and Yes, I suppose so … and you have sparked my intrigue. I’ll do some more research. My Nan was an extremely deep person … she was also very insightful / respectful with the dead and dying. We always wondered how and why … this is quite possibly the answer.