So What Do You Do?

What do you do when the knowledge finally seeps through?

Can you enjoy your freedom with the enslaved watching you?

What do you do when you have too many mountains to move?

Will you dirty your own hands trying to dig up the truth?

Can you worry about only the things that you pick and choose?

The trivial nuisance of something like gum on your shoe,

the convivial looseness of someone who means nothing to you;

What do you do when the call has rung loudly through?

Can you hurry out and scream about things you must do?

Will you fizzle out and fade away like so many before you?

What do I do when it’s time to reach out and grab onto,

The material rips, my fingers stick with pin pricks of VooDoo,

the unusual fits that linger and stick in the thick of the shit you do.

3 thoughts on “So What Do You Do?

  1. doubtpuppet says:

    “Where does she get these marvellous pictures?”

    I can identify with this(if I understood it right).

    Like the Judas bastard in The Matrix said, “Ignorance is bliss”.

    I’m gonna go get my mind wiped, start believing in mainstream politicians and and capitalism, hate Russia, take my meds, watch Big Brother and talk about it at work the next day with the bullies around the water cooler, prostitute myself for 3 holidays a year, get an impossible mortgage, marry someone I enjoy fucking for 5 minutes then play blame chess with for all eternity, spew out copies of ourselves to distract us till we die, join the team and come in for the big win!


    Looking behind the curtain is poison in a world such as this. There’s no going back and you’re in for a rough ride the rest of your days.