A Better Look.

Ask me if it means a thing,

the words, the time, the memories,

ask me how it seems to be,

that my  soul goes cold so easily,

ask me about who I used to be,

the one who was betrayed so thoroughly,

ask how much that continues to sting,

ask a heart that bleeds perpetually,

ask me why it is that I can’t seem,

to understand the concept of eternity,

ask how my heart came to be so mean,

when I’ve been treated as cruelly,

ask why I behave so quizzically,

the feelings, the actions, the ADHD,

ask how you’re supposed to perceive,

such things in the face of my honesty,

ask me about my isolated misery,

the trust issues and embedded insecurity,

ask me to be a “normal” human being,

and I’ll tell you to take a better look at me.





3 thoughts on “A Better Look.

  1. Life and the things we experience have an amazing strength to change us…sometimes good and sometimes bad, but we are changed!
    Powerful, again, my wonderful and beautiful friend! <3

  2. me says:

    Deep … and beautiful <3

  3. The bleeding pain and anguish…. Each line cements the last in suffering
    And the conclusion… Epic grade