Sacrificially inseminated,
strung across a radar’s rim,
a sported trophy limb for limb;
artificially accumulated,
with the seed of what’s human,
however, unrecognizable to them;
insignificantly appreciated,
straddled astride the old confines,
mirroring through space and time;
purportedly uneventful,
no changes made to our story-line,
ancient wisdom of the senile mind;
Thunderously silent,
across every galaxy in the sky,
expand the Universe to erase the naked eye;
sheepishly obnoxious,
can’t help but to wonder why,
we encourage each other to wither and die;
Elated taciturnity,
the mad dash at being first in line,
flocked together on the doorstep of the divine,
suppressed transparency,
receptive to carbon-based humankind,
an immaculate conception that’s been streamlined .

4 thoughts on “Monstrosity.

  1. me says:

    Ahhh I’ve missed your lyricist-ness 😉 Hope you are well <3

  2. Simon says:

    You’ve got some amazing thoughts… Hi ya gorgeous. What’s been going on. Sorry I’ve not caught up much x

  3. Ward Clever says:

    Fantastic, and good to see you. I loved this.