Go On.

Scratch every single thing
That ever held meaning
Swipe away the empty words
All Ive said and all Ive heard
Make it rain with truthfulness
Wash the stain of uselessness
I dont need the toxic lies
The well concealed goodbyes
Its all a joke told cruelly
Behind the trusting back of me
Just go on and get in line
And take your place in kind
Youre all the sorry same
Point fingers and place blame
In the face of reality
Incapable of solidity
Its like a giant oozing wound
Stitches opened far too soon
Im alone in the responsibility
Of letting mutants close to me
Days and nights between
The lies fed forcefully
I vomit each and every breath
Until nothingness is all thats left
Go on.
Go live your life.

8 thoughts on “Go On.

  1. charlypriest says:

    Hi there beautiful, remember me? Been a while since I last read you. As always very powerful poem and I like the rythm it has.
    With all so many followers is hard to keep up with everyone, trying my best.
    Guess what, November 10th going to a detox center as inpatient, so for 2 weeks no phone no nothing, I’m off the grid. This outpatient thing didn’t work quite well so I decided to go full on patient inside. Great Santa Clause day if they let me out, but things seem to get better. I hope your daughter is doing good, and all the best to you…blondie!!
    love ya.
    P.S. Really nice read.