It was a few weeks ago, during the crunch of “month end” in the accounting department, that the regional marketing manager (the “Big Big Boss”) threw open the door and entered with the general manager (the “Big Boss”) into the domain of math, food, and disgruntled women.

I was at the typewriter in the back completing the Day Sheet when the two of them made the obnoxious whirlwind akin to any pair of physically obese and socially dogmatic bigots upon entering a room full of their’ inferiors.

People –ESPECIALLY BIG, FAT MEN THAT TALK LIKE PEEWEE HERMAN – like his tend to have many private conversations among themselves about such inferior beings (employees) in most annoyed manner, for the record…


The very first thing that the Marketing Dude says upon opening the door and setting foot in the Accounting Department, and at the top of his Pee Wee-esque voice, says is:

          “Everyone get your green cards out and ready to show ‘em to the guy that pays your bills…”

 fat crook

And, in spite of my own inner-hackles being thrust up immediately, and the quite instantaneous rise in my blood pressure, the two of them just casually walk right on into the main office area and Mr. Marketing repeats the stupid-ass green card comment a second – then, a third time just as loudly, to the rest of my former co-workers (several, such as my former cubicle mate and (by this point) good friend, are natives of Mexico – in my friend’s case, under sponsorship by her husband for citizenship at present).

The two fatties laugh at their own jokes and harass the assistant manager for a brief time before rolling down the hallway to a different department to undoubtedly tell the same stupid jokes and poke each other’s Pillsbury a few more times or whatever they do.

And, in their wake, NOTHING…the supervisors don’t show any surprise or disgust  at the racism that just dumped itself all over our entire office; nobody says a fucking word – besides me.

I went to the office manager’s desk and said,
“Did you here that?”

Her response (and she is a black lady):

“Nobody said anything when they were still in here, y’all were laughing along with them…don’t try to come in here now after they’ve gone and say something about it, don’t try to act like you’re offended or something…”

She looked me up and down as if to say,

“Why do you care anyway, you don’t have a green card?”


Fuck that place, I’m so blessed to have gotten out.



  1. You’re so like I was.
    I walked out of sooooo many jobs because of “Der Management”.
    Best bit about it? (and a little bit of a boast)
    They all had a hard time replacing me!
    Paybacks a bitch at times isn’t it!