I’ve been circling the moldy, plankton encrusted bottom layers of life; feeding off of the slowly sinking debris that once littered the surface layers: the leftovers of a long-ago feast that I attended up there.

My vision has adapted to the murk; my breathing has adjusted to the oxygen depletion of dangerous depths and harrowing heights; my skin has settled into the wrinkled prune-esqueness of an over-long bubble bath; my hair now growing shafts of seaweed and tangly kelp in place of it’s natural fibers.

I’m a flounder, living with a great white shark who is lazy with a eating disorder; I am stuck in the suction of his hefty submerged wake; I am seemingly happy to gobble up the chunks of shit that fall from the sides of his razor sharp bite as he chews incessantly; I am his shadow down here.

10 thoughts on “Flounder.

  1. Simon says:

    Hi ya, you’re still writing great things. Hope you’re well 🙂

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  2. Wordidge awards a plenty
    Major cool write, I am in awe

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  3. Hey girl, long time no words.
    Starting to think you didn’t like us no more.
    As for the shark?
    The thing I like about them is they have to keep moving to live,
    As for it’s shadow?
    It will soon pass leaving you unharmed and beautifully camouflaged as only nature can do.

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  4. As long as you are his shadow and not his lunch…………………………. you OK?

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