When Nobody Else Will Do.

From day to day, it’s just me and him.

And there are moments when…

Everything in the world seems to stop and stand still,

And the madness and chaos melt away to the edges,

And in those moments, I feel like his presence is a necessity,

And nobody else will do.

11 thoughts on “When Nobody Else Will Do.

  1. If you’re talking about the dog, I so approve.
    Dog’s don’t do false, they don’t lie, they don’t tell your innermost secrets.
    They know how you are feeling, and whether you trust them.
    Once bonded, you want loyalty, look no further than your dog.

    Now compare them to humans.
    And imagine me spitting on the floor in disgust!

  2. Paul’s got it right.
    I was given a plaque that reads;
    ‘I don’t need therapy, I’ve got a dog’.
    Dogs are the best therapy ever and just by stroking Maggie, I felt the stress of the day melt away.
    Dogs don’t charge or screw you for a percentage, they have the knack of knowing when you need them close, don’t make ridiculous demands or give ultimatums, and are there for you without being judgemental, hypocritical, or ready to stab you in the back.

  3. A Good Dog simplifies Life. 👍

  4. I feel that way when i’m alone and chilling with my cactus, though putting a lease on it and walking a cactus is harder than it looks!

    Perfect words for a perfect feeling, major Grade A