If Only It Hurt To Be An Asshole.

So…I am plagued right now by several people in my life who seem to think that I am an idiot. I may not always say things in the moment, when someone is attempting to play me like a slot machine, I may not always even realize it at that point in time, but I will realize it. Trust that much. I can’t stand it when people are unable to own their own bullshit in life; much less when said people insist on trying to shift any blame or responsibility over such bullshit onto others when they get called on it.

I have my own bullshit and my own problems. I have my own issues to work on without other people constantly trying to force feed me the workload of their bullshit as well. People just don’t seem to comprehend how fucking stupid they look when they do this, as if I can’t do the math and see what they are doing, or trying to do. Do other people not see how low that takes them by behaving like a 2 year old? Do other people actually think that these pathetic and constant attempts at deflecting the TRUTH will somehow carry them through life? Without losing everyone who might have really cared about them?

It would just be really nice if other people could own their shit, even once in a while. It’s really old being mostly surrounded by people who always want to shift blame and try to make me accountable for shit that has NOTHING to do with me. If only it hurt to be an asshole, maybe people would find a way to check themselves.

3 thoughts on “If Only It Hurt To Be An Asshole.

  1. Do so like your quote. <3

  2. It does hurt to be arsehole, but only if you try to fight it and be a better person
    But if trying to be a better person fails, nice to know that you other options!

    The only thing more painful… Born as a good person but equipped with A-hole components and having the rewire the whole bloody lot so your brain is like a frankinstien monster

    Then been rejected by the world because your not all socially gifted and a perfect person!!

  3. It all went to Hell in a handbasket. Go figure.