Don’t humor the inkling to test me,
Always searching for angles to best me,
Your presence must constantly tempt me,
daily fail on your part to preempt me,
Too pathetic to bend,
Bite at the bowl that’s empty.
bullshit side-stepping,
pathetic button pressing,
Get on track dead last,
Any shot you had to win has passed,
Neurotic tail chasing,
Your stupidy’s amazing
Go long, carry on,
its so entertaining,
Your need to bear teeth,
at absolutely nothing,
It’s so funny,
You humor me,
Not a soul cares,
If you never get out of here,
You made your bed and it’s filthy,
The stench of the things you can’t be,
So many piles of what’s needy,
You think your logic is stealthy,
But your face makes me angry,
I want to punch at you; God help me,
For striking a helpless puppy,
It made me.

12 thoughts on “Inklings.

  1. dec247h says:

    Hahaha I honestly read this and thought some guy has really done a number on you. The twist then showed me that yes, men and puppies aren’t too dissimilar, AND in time we grow up (some of us) into dogs! I wouldn’t punch a puppy, but a man? Hell yeah!

  2. I wouldn’t hurt a puppy, dog, cat or any animal, but if someone had a go at Maggie, I’d be on a charge for murder!

  3. GRRRR!
    That came from our dog when I read this to her.

  4. Can the word ‘puppy’ be changed?
    I have a few names, I mean words to put there!

    PS; Remind me not to piss you off