My Pleasure To Bear Your Pain.

Amid the anger and tension,

something I forgot to mention…

just a simple truth or two,

words I’ve spent before on you,

And since I seem to fade away,

things between you and me remain,

always, a thing:

unclean – unchanged…

thunder rolling ahead of rain,

this sense of solid certainty,

on my word, will die with me,

hard-wired deep within my brain,

A treasure chest in my rib cage,

you are woven into my destiny…

A truth at rest inside of me,

Until the Gods show me differently,

You can look for me,

and here I always am,

it’s my pleasure

to bear your pain.

2 thoughts on “My Pleasure To Bear Your Pain.

  1. What we hold for others is often deep within.
    Hurt, love, hate, and pain.
    The most basic of emotions always cut deep.

    Yet pain is something I would spare from them I love.
    Sometimes I ask “If there is a God, shift their sights from them to me”.
    Pain is no stranger to me and I would be happy to make it a stranger to them.

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  2. Good to see a post from you. Trust you are keeping OK.


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