My Pleasure To Bear Your Pain.

Amid the anger and tension,

something I forgot to mention…

just a simple truth or two,

words I’ve spent before on you,

And since I seem to fade away,

things between you and me remain,

always, a thing:

unclean – unchanged…

thunder rolling ahead of rain,

this sense of solid certainty,

on my word, will die with me,

hard-wired deep within my brain,

A treasure chest in my rib cage,

you are woven into my destiny…

A truth at rest inside of me,

Until the Gods show me differently,

You can look for me,

and here I always am,

it’s my pleasure

to bear your pain.

2 thoughts on “My Pleasure To Bear Your Pain.

  1. pgraysurvival says:

    What we hold for others is often deep within.
    Hurt, love, hate, and pain.
    The most basic of emotions always cut deep.

    Yet pain is something I would spare from them I love.
    Sometimes I ask “If there is a God, shift their sights from them to me”.
    Pain is no stranger to me and I would be happy to make it a stranger to them.

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  2. Good to see a post from you. Trust you are keeping OK.


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