Do Your Part.

Recently, as a white-looking woman with countless privileges that I have, admittedly, always taken for granted, I’ve obviously been deeply pondering where my place is in all of the chaos and suffering that my fellow human beings are (and always have been) enduring as a result of their’ heritage. I am not playing the “black friends card” when I say that several of my best and most deeply cherished friends on this Earth are Black; it’s a truth of mine that I have always had with me and never really had to think about too much, for whatever reason. I have cousins who are half Black; my Aunt is Black. They are my blood relatives; we have the same blood coursing through our veins, truth.
Now, as my family, close friends and I are miserably trying to compartmentalize and process the sad and hideous truths violently seeping through the fabric of our shared culture here in the United States of America, I see for the first time in my life that despite the innate acceptance and truly pure bond present in my mindset, personally, in terms of the many Black People that I know and love, there’s a dauntingly larger population of hateful, dis-informed, self-worshiping white people who harbor the most ill of will towards my loved ones over such a subjective factor as the pigment of their’ skin.
And while I, as an experienced lover of ALL people from ALL backgrounds, ethnicity and cultures, can sleep at night, knowing that beneath the skin of every human being, lies the uniform and universal genetic material that makes us each Human siblings, I’ve also realized with a sobering certainty that we are NOT all Human any longer.

There are those among us are no more advanced or refined than vicious, wild animals.

Pretentious white moms driving through Starbucks in minivans; nurturing brainlessness in white-priviledged broods of sadistic bigots who represent the unceasing entitlement complex that defines 5 out of 10 white people in this country, sadly.

White men who claim to be accepting of others in public, while snickering at the idea behind closed doors; making horribly unfunny jokes at the expense of those who look different from them and their’ beloved corn-fed roots.

I realize that who I am, have always been, could not be any more disparate from these lowly creatures, despite the shared physical appearance between us. I realize that I would no sooner stake any kindred claim to these beings then to cut off my own arms and send them down the river. The relationships with my Black loved ones have become strained; as I am very aware of the cold, hard fact that the actions and lifestyles of racist whites naturally reflect on me, in turn.

And that shit hurts.

As a longtime underdog, the Americanized version of the word “Liberty” truly disgusts me beyond description. And, that’s coming from a white woman’s mouth. Beneath my own experiences with the unfair judicial system, multi-faceted corruption and perversely incentivized social service programs, I can also hear the muffled whispers of generations worth of Black Lives in this country desperately trying to get a deeper, much more ever-present terror across the boundary of judgement.

That age-old haunt of:

 “I am just one person, what difference can I honestly make?

comes screaming to the surface of my mind everyday lately; and, unbelievably, it stills seems to hold at least some sway, even in these crazy times when, yes: one person’s staunch support, one person’s quiet voice, one refusal to look the other way when so much unjust destruction is consuming our fellow human beings, can indeed make all the difference in the situation…one person at a time.

This “I am just one person” sentiment has hushed and smoothed over collective urges good white people harbor to bust a grape on racial terrorism and injustice in our society for God knows how long now. All white people are more fearful, uncertain and out of their’ privileged element lately, be they good and sympathetic to the movement or evil racist oppressors.

And lately I see so clearly, that this sentiment is lie.

Racism is a lie. (By that, I mean that the foundations racism is built upon are all lies.)

Prejudice and racially based injustice are long-standing, widely accepted lies.

Generational white privilege is a self-taught lie that white people must stop re-telling white children.

Adorning myself in bad makeup and ranting about my friendships with Black people will not help this issue; this issue goes so much deeper and further back in time to be solved by self-righteous pawns in so-called well meant missions that boil down to those same peoples’ lasting ability to comfortably look themselves in the mirror every morning.

I realize that no matter the blood relation between cousins, the shared upbringing, any family roots between us, they have lived an entirely different existence from mine because they don’t share the privileges I have always taken in stride in my own admitted negligence.

And that is how I feel now, is: negligent…self-absorbed, even clueless in the face such widespread terrorism and suffering around me.

I support the uprising of all human beings who are striving toward a more balanced and culturally intertwined society.

I sympathize with my Black friends who have a hard time looking at me right now.

I support the rebellion against “the man” who forced a group of people to evolve in this country while being hated and mistreated all the while, under an oppressive, invisible thumb.

Lastly, and in conclusion to this scattered mess of personal introspection: I support fellow good human beings – black, white, brown, beige, red and yellow.

I have recognized and banished the lies surrounding racism from my existence, and encourage every person to do the same.

Dismantle the KKK and shame them for being the scar on our society that they truly are.

Stop painting your faces black in attempt to be supportive – it’s offensive and immature.

Do your privileged part to wipe out the cycle of suffering in so many Black Lives. Whether you know any Black people or not.

The destruction and suffering of Black Lives might not ever be able to heal, but it can be shut down as it should’ve been long ago. And every single person needs to be doing whatever they can to usher in a future that looks drastically different from today’s U.S. Snapshot.

13 thoughts on “Do Your Part.

  1. BJ says:

    And, thank YOU for putting this out there. We’ll keep fighting and calling out gathering more speed and steam. It won’t be solved in my lifetime, but I have hope that when I pass the torch that it’ll be a conflagration with thousands of others like us to keep it lit with flames so high that it can be seen from space!

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  2. BJ says:

    I deeply respect this post.
    Me… a white woman growing up with an insane amount of privileges which have waxed and waned throughout my lifetime going from working to middle to upper middle to top 5% to 1% back down to working by choice only to climb back to upper middle class and holding, I wish more people would just open their damned eyes and SEE. See the inequality, acknowledge 400+ years of suffering that our country is built upon and just accepted, exploited, and continues to dismiss with “the past is in the past, get over it” attitude when it couldn’t be any further from the truth.
    Those of us that have innate privilege in this country have a responsibility to demolish a system that serves only one group… rich, white people. Hell, whites still holding onto the antiquated mindset that whites are the majority is a disgusting, shit sandwich that they expect us all to take a bite of to be washed down with a cup filled with tears and blood of suffering isn’t a system that should exist. Nonetheless, it does. Just looking at our system of government from the outside would seem like, yeah, whites are the majority if a true democracy existed with equal representation; but, that’s just not true.
    Let alone the idea that we’re the people that founded this country is a complete laughable lie. It was stolen from the indigenous people that we poisoned, swindled, murdered, and, finally, chose to actively displace and keep down.
    Me? What am I doing about it? I’m trying to use my insane level of privilege to get my health to a point of “functionally sick” as the lowest acceptable bar in order to influence change locally as an agent within law enforcement (not a cop but work with them) for at least 10 years so I can help get this program up and running.
    We can be better. We can do better. We can make sure to shine a light in the darkness of subjugation and not accept the status quo.
    I have hope that people like you and me will continue to find others that see the hypocrisy, call it out, and help those impacted by the lies told by a bunch of rich, old white men, the women that are complicit, and a system that serves only a few and not all. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness… for all. That’s what I’m choosing to foster from the inside even if it’s just locally.

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  3. me says:

    hi beautiful ❤
    thankyou for this.
    all the way over here & i can feel the ripples. our ‘country’ & ‘race relations’ is in turmoil. peeps are grasping at their pearls screaming ‘not me’ & ‘we’re not racist’.
    but like fuck they are.
    this has been a long time coming. as a POC, an indigenous woman of colour, i know its been a long time coming.
    let it come i say.
    i feel for you. & i dont feel for much at the moment.
    my ‘relatives’ are dropping off left & right .. not cos they’re black .. but cos they’re POC and are more interested in appeasing the status quo than busting that shit down.
    its trying times.
    but necessary time i believe.
    stay safe though.
    & a tonne of love sent from me to you ❤

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  4. paulsprepping says:

    Hey Girl. That’s all pretty deep.
    What I do know is more people get dead because of religion, drugs, and gender, than color in the Western World.

    Plus I’ve got a problem when a less than angelic person dies and it affects the world – my world, and scares my own and others I care about.

    They, now are NOT wanting to go out alone, and maybe crossing the street away from strangers, just in case.

    Sometimes I see the term racist being used more as a political statement than a truth.

    I also hate it when I see a lot of footage where someone is getting hurt, or dead, BUT THE MANY are content to stand back and catch it all on their Smartphones than get involved and stop what is happening.

    Who is the most sick?
    The assailant, them cheering him / her on, or the other fk’g idiots Facebooking or slamming the video onto YouTube where someone’s kid could see their father, mother, a child, or sibling being stomped or worse.

    Besides Jess, ALL LIVES MATTER, not just those of color.
    That’s something the most racist in society don’t like to hear.
    Especially coming from a white.

    Heck, I was saying that a while ago and I got accused of being racist for saying that.
    Go figure!

    Anyway, I hope things are working out for you.
    You deserve lots of happiness.

    Prepper Paul xx

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  5. Good to see a post from you. Hope all is OK with you and you are keeping safe and well.
    Take care

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