Whoever You Are

I’m not holding back with this one,

Not after finding out you have a whole thread dedicated to bashing me and my mental illness. I am dumbstruck, just totally dumbstruck, by this implicative and hurtful fact. While seeking attention and sympathy from total strangers online through your obvious need to hate and attack me (even when I’m not there to defend myself), you totally omitted many, many relevant facts regarding our relationship and the turns it has taken since November.
1. You’ve been a lying, sneaky heroin addict for the majority of our time together.
2. You hanged yourself from the tree in our back yard, and I was forced to cut you down and revive you.
3. I sacrificed everything that I love and makes me happy to be here.
4. You were already being disloyal to me within a single month.
You totally lied about me and made me out to be some manipulative, evil, gaslighting, victimizing bitch; and, tried to play the supportive, caring boyfriend to those clueless, meaningless people that you don’t even know at all, people who only think they know the real story. All anyone on that thread “knows” about you is the bunch of horse shit that you portray. If I wasn’t so disillusioned about who you actually are, I might have the energy for or interest in this overplayed narrative of yours about the nonexistent things that I do, say and/or am. However, I don’t care about these paranoid, misdirected projections. Talk about baggage, shit, I never stood a chance. You told me stories about how your classy ex used to go get gacked out every time you turned around. NOT ME, your ex who sends you nudes still while you guys are texting at 1am behind my back. You’ve been working against me all along, in every possible aspect. You, with your attention hungry need for meaningless gratification, false senses of entitlement, hurtful and venomous actions, your many secrets and lies…I will be much happier and comfortable on my own.

6 thoughts on “Whoever You Are

  1. I am so sorry to read this. Thoughts are with you, and have been for quite a while.

  2. Americaoncoffee says:

    Venting is a good thing and helps those who don’t know how to vent. In many close and distant stances, we share common grounds. Comforting hugs 💞💞💞💞