Kill Switch.

You touch me here;
I’ll touch you there;
I’ll close my eyes,
and you disappear;
this is my heart,
you Fucking Liar;
you said you wouldn’t
go any fucking where.

I’ll tell you this;
you’ll tell me that –
I’ll turn a cheek,
to the bullshit you spat;
so casually envenomed,
in your whispered chit-chat;
you blessed me by leaving,
what do you think of that?

I blow your mind;
you blow all of my money;
It kills me the way,
Life treats me so funny;
While I spend my dime,
to have you gobble my time,
you treat me like I must be,
a dingbat named ‘Bambi’ or ‘Bunny’.

You’ll chase after me;
and I’ll run away;
Don’t all “relationships”,
start and finish this way?
When all’s said and done,
at the end of the day;
Just hit the kill switch,
be quick – and walk away.


Come see me –

this night;

in my dark cornered dreams

I beg of you to make me scream;

Come touch me –

Once more;

sweat your saliva from my pores

cut the wire and kick in the door;

Come stay with me –

come closer; revive;

wake me up until I come alive

let me feed the carnivorous side;

Come with me –

come in; confide;

touch every steaming hot place inside

never look into my crying eyes;

Come ruin me –

this night;

see my body writhe beneath

Come tonight and leave me empty.

Postcards From Freedom! *A Population Study*

POPULATION:     Not Enough.

Not Enough.


Throwback Thursday. What good memories...

Throwback Thursday.
What good memories…

Today is Tee’s (Teela Hart) birthday, and all that I know for sure is that she is able to celebrate it – ALIVE and IN FREEDOM somewhere safe and away from her Monster.

Fuck, that makes my heart feel so warm and repairable…I know you aren’t back to blogging yet Tee, but I just had to send out a birthday wish into the Universe for you – because you are my sister, always. And I am so very fucking happy that you’ve ensured yourself this birthday. TEARS of JOY.

Shhhhh…Just Listen.

I could not stand tall, any more – like before,
My feet trailed bloody toe smudges all over the floor;
The bandages would no longer hold – they would unfold,
My eyes beamed the secrets of so much terror, untold;
The home did not harbor the heart – torn apart,
My dreams and my goals had been doomed from the start;
I could not see passed the lies – in so many eyes,
My spirit forsaken by my own blinded compromise;
I would not dare allow – anyone in, before now,
My mind always sabotages good things to shit, somehow;
The things that are wrong – and have been for too long,
My memories haunt me all night until the moonlight is gone;
I am not afraid – of the friendship we’ve made,
My heart is at ease from so many kindred words said;
I have opened my door wide – invited you all the way inside,
Now it’s your turn to either come in, or run away and hide.
I cannot express enough true curiosity – between you and me,
I’m not sure which buttons to press and which ones to let be;
My hands want to touch – who you are, so very much,
To make you feel all that you can feel, and such;
My words want to speak – to your heart when it’s weak,
I want to paint the skies for you with the love that’s at your feet.
I could not stand up alone – and carry myself dazedly home,
My feet walked beside yours, tight rope, danger zone.


What it was, it wasn’t really there;
There weren’t any late night whispers,
No fingers through my hair;
What we were wasn’t really anything;
There was never any meaning,
To the words you spoke to me;
What I thought, it was totally absurd;
There was nothing more to it,
Than just your lonely, empty word;
What I wanted, you refused to give away;
There was no red dress I could wear,
To bring the words you wouldn’t say;
What it turned out to be, in the end of it all;
There was a knock at the door,
And you took the call;
What I didn’t know was that your heart is gone;
There’s no ticking or beating,
Yet you somehow drone on;
What is surprising to me above all else;
There is no one on Earth,
That you love more than yourself;
What you haven’t thought of, ahead of time;
There is no way in Hell,
That you’ll take anything of mine;
What it was, that it never could be;
There are too many like you,
And hardly any others like me.

Angel of Nothing at All.

Angels of Nothing.

Angels of Nothing.

Bashful and Insecure.

Um Bashful...