A “Californerican”

As a “Californerican” (a Native American from/in California),

  1. I drive it like I stole it, regardless of where I’m going or coming from – because I’m born and raised in a place where “offensive driving” gets you shot dead on the road, and people seem immune to the concept of merging or using a turn signal.

  2. I suffer from the oddest of the odd triggers of temper, can surprisingly walk, talk and chew an atomic fireball gumball at the same time; I harbor an intrinsically passionate love/hate relationship with my own government (or whatever it is that you’d call those douche-bags calling all of the shots on me and my compatriots from cushy seats, behind bullet-proof windows, in offices that transform into either a bomb shelter or a strip club <blow-jobs included> depending on the button pushed).

  3. I am more terrified of “feminine” gay men than I am of great white sharks.

  4. I can do a 50-50 nosegrind down a handrail on a skateboard (or at least I could last time I tried).

  5. I think Palm Trees are WAAAAY overrated. And, I MUST douse my hair with warm water prior to getting it anywhere near any local lake, river or canal water.

  6. I speak Spanish as a second language, and basically did by age 12 – out of sheer communicative necessity.

  7. Flea Markets are not considered “trashy” to me; in fact, I love them and go as often as possible.

  8. “Dumpster Diving” for “trashed treasures” is considered “trashy“; and is now, also illegal.

  9. I can like totally and personally attest to the total truth behind the totally heinous stereo-type of the proverbial “Valley Girl“.

  10. I think Seattle is too depressing – mentally; and I think that Mexico is depressing – socially. But either place would be the first place I’d consider if “on the run from the law“.

Eleven Random Facts Revealed.

I’ve never been good at this type of thing, dating all the way back to grammar school when my poor choices used as examples that reflected my personality for an oral autobiography, reflected something more along the lines of a young and very troubled Lizzie Borden in the making.

Anyway, that’s a story for another post…maybe.

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And now for my facts at random:


  1. I am half Shawnee, yet somehow I thoroughly despise horses.
  2. The better part of my remaining genetic makeup is Scandinavian-American.
  3. I represent the tenth American-born generation on my father’s side.
  4. Nobody from my mother’s side of the family has ever been born outside what is now the United States of America. (I’m sure we’re on umpteenth hundredth generation born on this continent).
  5. I am truly ambidextrous, and always have been.
  6. I have a reconstructed face and a surgically altered appearance as a result of a violent injury.
  7. I am an excellent long-distance tow-swimmer.
  8. I raise Gouldian (Rainbow) finches on a volunteer basis to send back to Australia. The native populations of this type of finch have dwindled rapidly to near-extinction since the massive, long-standing firestorms that occupied vast portions of the Australian continent several years ago.
  9. I am unashamedly Pro-Gun.
  10. My sixteen year-old daughter is still missing.
  11. I am in absolute awe of author Dan Simmons and his gifts as a multifaceted and exquisitely unique writer; I simply cannot read enough of him.