Doors – A Haiku.

They speak truth when they tell you:

“Closing will open.”…

…in regard to Life’s hallway.

Thank You.

It’s been a whirlwind knowing you…I don’t need to say this though because you know.

I know that you know.

I genuinely love you. I meant all I said, everything.

And it’s because of this that I wish you well in life; and I am warmed by the knowledge of your fulfillment and happiness.

I toast your future.

Have a nice life.


Why dont you just finally,
Twist the knife you’ve stuck in me,
Watch the life drain out of me,
And wash your hands until they bleed?

All the pain you’ve given me,
Can finally drain away with ease,
But I can’t sustain this injury,
While you maintain the olive tree.

Cant you find the subtlety,
Of disinclined humanity,
To tow the line reluctantly,
As far as it can get from me?

A thing living opportunistically,
Too weakened by your own recovery,
A wisdom lost on all who see,
The lies of a wise sobriety.

If there’s a real bone in your skeleton,
Any semblance of what is a gentlman,
Any scrap of yourself that is genuine,
This appeal has been sent to him.

Uh Huh Uh.

I remember the burn from that spark
The contender that lit fire in the dark
An ember that fueled the flame in my heart
Your tender and rendered permanent mark

I remember you shouldered my load
When the rest only sputtered and slowed
How the words and the feelings just flowed
Your timbre like a salve to my soul

I recollect how I committed my time
To resurrect this heart of mine
To interject and redefine
The dialect between you and I

I still read your words of encouragement
That fill my bones with deep nourishment
And I will, as you know, be ever present
Stand until you forego and tell me to sit

Not Without Challenge.

How many nights,
just like this one…
brought with them,
to roll slowly,
to fall coldly…
over sharp cheekbones?
Dropped from mine,
my own eyes…
saturated in sadness,
nothing else,
besides myself…
on and on my spirit drones.
Missing the beats,
deeply flawed…
without any hope,
without answer,
tumorless cancer…
concocting cures on my own.
in how many ways,
must I prove to myself…
not without challenge,
so unsavory,
and, unwavering…
before I drive the message home?