Peace and Justice Award


The Peace and Justice Award:
I have been awarded by the lovely “Die Trying”, a fellow Cut-Throat Club Survivor and resident clubhouse writer, with the Peace and Justice Award for my blog.
I must admit, I am not Batman; the driving force beneath this blog was not consciously fueled by such topics…however, it has come to my own attention through blogging here that the concepts of Justice and Peace are two that live very near to my heart from one moment to the next. This realization has shaken me a little – as I am a very simple creature: just trying to be and let be, just struggling to survive. I suppose my piece of Peace comes in the form of the void that is defined with nearly every post I make to my blog; the sense of injustice and robbery and stolen futures is undeniable and quite strong here. I guess I just find it difficult to get my head around the true concept of justice anymore, as what it’s meant to mean and stand for, at least. The injustice that has come to accompany every day’s sunrise weighs so heavily on my heart and mind that it’s hard to breathe around the anchor’s mass sometimes.
In regard to this award, I am just glad to know that, at least if nothing else – my perpetual search for justice has been noticed by someone. To me, such an award signifies a renewed hope of being heard by the people who hold authority over my existence as a mother – this award symbolizes a chance left for justice to be seen by Boo’s very own eyes. This award re-inspires me to carry on with my grueling task at hand.
What a surprisingly priceless side-effect of a very spirited blogger’s kind gesture! Again, thank you “Die Trying” for being such an inspiration from afar – you truly shine like the brightest star! <3


My Nominees Are:

My Ace-Deuce of WordPress, of course – Miss Teela Hart


My Co-Pilot in the mosh pit, Miss Sunny Sunshine


My “Kid Sister” of WordPress, Miss Inconsistently Yours


My one and only kindred, Miss Triple S


My “Fuel-Tanker” Army of Angels


Pass it on, girls! 🙂

Welcome to the Seventh Official Cut Throat Member


The seventh official Cut Throat is someone who likely thinks she’s been overlooked, but hasn’t. After Tee brought her to my attention, I’ve been reading her blog and relating to so many things she endured at the hands of the man who fathered her child. I love the power in her strength, her fearlessness to be fearless, “anonymous” but so far from that to the people who read her stuff. She must share in my allergy to stupid shit because she tells it like it is. No sugar added.

She is a true inspiration to me; to my ongoing struggle and journey through the aftermath of surviving and escaping Hell. Welcome Cut Throat #7

Miss Avalanche at:

Cut Throat #6 – Another Beautiful Discovery



The sixth official member and the youngest Cut-Throat online so far, a teenaged survivor of domestic abuse and terrorism; a sweet and loving young woman with her whole life ahead of her: Please welcome another survivor of the good fight!

Miss Teen Survivor at: