Q and A.

Q: If you could be any character in the cast of ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ who would it be? Why?
A: Oh c’mon now…this is a no-brainer – as I would surely be the Chief (Bromden), hands down; I suppose my reason for choosing the Chief would be simply based on his vision and perception in regard to the world and how he believes it to operate (the Combine)…his character is uniquely insane, his tactics are admirable, and indeed, my own genetic Heinz is even similar to his.

Q: What is the definition of a ‘Lightning fast’ reply?
A: OMFG! You are such a bitch for this question, because, you know as well as I do how I want to respond to this!!! I DID actually find the screenshot you sent me early last year that was an excellent summary the answer to this particular query…hmmmmmmm…I plead the 5th.

Q: Name three Pirate Weapons suitable for wall art?
A: Are we talking generalized Pirate Weapons or “African Tools of Death”? Because in that arena, you have a fine selection displayed in your living room…as for my own wall art (if we’re talking about the Scurvy Ridden Sailor Pirates), I’d go with
a) the good ol’ Cutlass blade for its unfailing aesthetic pleasure
b) the twin pair of wheel-lock pistols
c) that long wood (and sometimes iron-tipped) stake that was used on deck whatever it was called, I don’t know but they look cool

Q: If you could choose only one Dan Simmons quote to put on a sticker to be made in bulk to stick on the windscreens on the cars of whoever you chose, which would it be?
A: Uuuuggghh! This is so not fair of you! How can I choose just one? Okay, either:
“Better to die on your feet than your knees.” – Ilium
“Stupidity has a price; and it always gets paid.” – Hyperion

Q: What part of pop culture do you wish would just go away?
A: Ummm…can I say all of it, and it would count as an answer?

Q: If you could name a racehorse, what would you name it?
A: Chongo Machismo; or something.

Q: If you could have a drink with someone from history who would it be?
A: Abe Lincoln; Cutty Sark.

Q: If you HAD to sing karaoke, what song would you sing?
A: No Sleep til Brooklyn.

Q: If you were allowed to have Serge for two whole days, what would you do?
A: Omg, the possibilities…hmmmm…definitely take him somewhere local on the Light Rail because he obviously has a fondness for trains – he might enjoy a baseball game or the beach…we could go to the zoo but not go inside and he could take selfies in front of the sign or whatever…I wonder if he swims….

serge the llama
Q; I set you up on a blind date. 10 minutes in you decide the bloke is totally not floating your boat. How do you escape?
A: First of all, you would NEVER set me up on a blind date with anyone dude, c’mon geez… and, I guess you’d have my escape route all mapped out for me already if you ever did.

Q: Weapon of choice for ‘interviewing’?
A: Does my tongue count?

Q: You could inhabit the body of another human being – still living – for 3 hours. For any reason, and you could do anything you wanted. What would you do?
A: I’m thinking I’d become a teller at the bank for a few hours; and you know damned well what I’d do. 😉

Q: Where does your love of words come from?
A: My Dad’s father, my Papa Joe; he was a wordsmith from the old school.

Q: What meal do you make best?
A: Lasagna from scratch; or my French Toast is pretty good, too.

Q: If you could master any skill / trade – what would it be?
A: Taxidermy

Q; What was the last thing you laughed at?
A: This questionnaire. My fucking sides hurt now…

Q: Have you ever shoplifted, and if you have what did you lift?
A: Yes. Once when I was super young I was in Mervyn’s with my Dad and I popped open the plastic covering on a bath set in a basket in order to take a single bath oil bead, because the curiosity was eating me alive and I had to know what it felt like.

Fill in the blanks: (In bold-italic)
You won’t believe! She said “fuck“ and then I said ”oh fuck” and then the whole place just exploded because he had tried to be a fucking Magician. It was crazy. Did you see my eyebrows? Because, seriously, they’re like…gone, dude.
Q: Miss me yet?
A: Always.



“I have your answer.” he says through the satellites;
The answer – to a question…that I asked him tonight;
A tickle to his Wizard brain –
A thought, one driving me insane;
He is the winner playing on this field;
He breaks the records, he owns the game;
of my bullheaded difficulty, against his grain.
“Look inside of You.” And his words ring true – to my bones;
“This is me, is this you?” heartache gone…Let’s go home;
A tickle to my inner-ear –
A touch, a truth, I long to hear;
His are the hands that carry gently,
my evidently beating heart, he knows my name;
he holds the stones and feathers of the home from which I came.
“There’s nothing broken about you.” He’s all business in his tone;
Over and over and over…until the message starts hitting home.

Eleven Honest Answers

Eleven Questions and Answers:

1 – What embarrassing moment sticks foremost in your memory of High School?

I was a “hotshot” on the varsity basketball team throughout my junior and senior high school years; in senior year, towards the end of my final high school career season, I was playing center in a neck and neck game against my school’s athletic nemesis. We were down to 2 seconds on the clock and I hooked the ball from half-court, amazingly affecting a silent dunk of all net at the last nano-second – breaking the tied score in the nick of time. Unfortunately, since I had been revolved back into the game during the 4th quarter, I was mentally stuck in the second quarter, in which my team was on the opposite basket. Yes, I get the OTHER TEAM the winning points…I am a notoriously celebrated legend at the rival high school to this very day.

2 – What activity/thing did your parents forbid you, that practically all the other kids you knew had permission?

My father never even considered allowing me to get my ears pierced as a girl; to the day he died when I was 13 years old, he forbade me to do so. (I know, weird huh?)

3 – What is your favorite part of the Academy Awards?

I must admit with indifference, that, despite my love for movies as well as the plethora of talent attached to cinema and the film industry, I have NEVER watched the Academy Awards…I harbor much too short of an attention span for such lengthiness.

4 – Who do you think was the best Host of the Academy Awards?

My above answer should kill those two birds with the one stone…;-)

5 – What makes you smile?

A truly witty creature with therapeutic humor can easily me smile.

6 – What sport & Team are you passionate about?

I’m a fan of the NFL – and an eternal Forty-Niner Faithful, Baby!

I’m equally passionate about the NBA – I Bleed Gold & Purple – Go Lakers!

7 – What genre do you prefer to read?

Ahhhh, geez let’s see…I have never been able to nail down a single genre because I simply LOVE to read; in truth, I am one of those people who reads anything with alpha-numeric text displayed in my language, no matter what it is. A few favorite genres of mine would be:  

Ancient History,

Speculative Fiction,

Science Fiction,

True Crime

Apocalyptic-themed Thrillers (such as zombie gore)



*Although, not necessarily in that order of preference.

8 – Who is a hero in your life?

Jack is a celebrated local hero where I live. Jack is the retired EMT/Firefighter who arrived at the scene of my traumatic domestic event in 2001, after my abusive monster of my then-husband had cut my throat open in attempt to take my life. Jack was a stranger to me prior to literally saving my last few drops of life in the back of a speeding ambulance. Jack was sitting in the room with me when I woke up weeks later with a maimed face that was unrecognizable even to myself; Jack has lifted his own injured wing high enough to give me room to scurry underneath – Jack is like my second Dad, and brings so much to my existence in so many direct and indirect ways. Jack is the rightful keeper of a good portion of my respect and admiration – trust and loyalty.

9 – What is one of your talents?

I NEVER forget a face.

10 – What TV show do you watch, but don’t admit it?

Okay…fine…since you ask point-blank…

My roommates (both male) religiously watch the series called “Mad Men”, which is a drama/satire mockery full of horribly regrettable human behavior, scandalous business dealings, sexual oppression, and sexually chauvinistic show – one that has grown on me like a tumor. On nights they watch it, I far too often find myself standing in the safety of the kitchen’s darkness behind their position on the couches, a cup of tepid coffee in my hand, mouth hanging wide open while I stand there enveloped by the dialogue and imagery.

11 – Any advices (or tips) you would like to share with your fellow bloggers?

Any two cents that I would toss in to fellow bloggers would be along the lines of:

Be mindful of the fact that a blog isn’t taken any more seriously online than spoken words in the real world are; so you’d be smart to manage your expectations with that in mind; carry on respectfully and by all means – be real – be HUMAN, if you dare.