I’m picking shards

from my own memories

scattered stars,

hearts and scars

laid out tenderly

An alter dedicated to

the God I lost inside of you

All of those many

years hopes and fears

missed opportunity

still lingers here

stitched genetically

quite thoroughly

going nowhere.

After All These Years.

“Did I really say that? I must have been half-asleep or something…”

“No, I’m pretty sure you said that you ate some Wolfgang Puck Firecracker Shrimp by yourself and then passed out watching Emperor of the Sun by yourself, sitting up in bed…by yourself.”

“Eh, well, yeah…so what? What the fuck is the big deal with you guys…”

“The big deal with us? Us? Bambi, you’re an idiot…when was the last time you went out and weren’t wearing your Chuck’s? You have a ski-mask peeled over the headrest of your driver’s seat!”

My brother has lost his temper with me.

“Uhhh…so…? It keeps the leather from getting sun-fucked, big deal…”

“You need to…”
As soon as he started a sentence with “You need to…”, I stopped listening.