Reality Check, One-Two.

Once the long game is over,
and regardless of which color has won –
there are not separate storage boxes,
in which the different pieces belong –
No matter how valiant or measly,
a King gets thrown into the box once again,
right alongside of a Pawn –
His Majesty learns the hard way:
at the end of each and every day –
that he is NOTHING once the Chessboard is gone;

It matters little what the King is actually made of,
his knighted horses follow his every command –
not a single Bishop dragging its marbled feet,
loyal to a language that none can truly understand –
the Queen, after so long spent being so well-protected,
receives a sting from reality’s whip-lashed backhand –
beyond the squares of the checkered black, red and white,
lies no purpose for a polished marble Rook or a granite horseman.