An Ode to Cthulhu.

Cthulhu Image courtesy of “Telthona” at


The shrieks of a navigator
a new stranger to sanity
a call of Old Cthulhu
“Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!”
the blonde hair of a sailor
gone white instantaneously
a visit from Cthulhu
in the middle of the sea
ancient honey-combed dwellings
preserved, frozen – glacially
the burial ground of the Old Ones
an Antarctic cemetery
the gruesome and archaic
type of ancient worshiping
an inbred and widespread cult
in the woods of Tennessee
the chain of events’ ill portents
a sea beast with dragon’s wings
a narrative of fear, most pure
through the whole of humanity
the Color of Space is upon us
and it has been with us always
from pole to pole of the planet
since the sun gave newborn rays
the God named Cthulhu
sleeps among us today
a loud, mimicking sound
from the mouth of a cave
screams “Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!”
from the tentacle face
a slowly opening doorway
on an unnatural shape
defying all scientific law
therein lies Cthulhu’s place