Let’s Go Home.

lets go home


Me 'n The Orphan

Me ‘n The Orphan

I’ll give it to the guy, he’s patient as dead elephant when it comes to my essentially dragging him around behind me aimlessly, during the grips of a random expeditious episode on my part. He usually seems quite content in just silently trailing, hands in his Pendleton pockets…it takes him at least an hour to even chime in with something like, “Uhhhh, should I Google Map it?”

What a trooper, the lil’ shit.


Nope, still too shy.

Nope, still too shy.

Postcards from Freedom #6 – From Persia, With Love.

With Love, Bitches!

With Love, Bitches!

Postcards from Freedom #5 – Mommy’s Little Maximus.

He'll NEVER turn out like YOU.

He’ll NEVER turn out like YOU.

This postcard is one of a two part series – Persia will be sending her own out soon. The importance behind this particular postcard should be obvious – Persia has ensured her son Max’s freedom as well as her own. He will never grow up to be like his scary father. Much love from Freedom!!!

Bah Humbugz!

Bah Humbugz

Bah Humbugz

Today’s Sh!ts n Giggles

Today's Sh!ts n Giggles

God, my sides hurt for minutes at a time whenever I see this…

It reminds me of a former co-worker (whom I grew to love very much but struggled with for months first), a literal rocket-scientist who couldn’t figure out how to plunge a toilet…smh

The “Cat Fud” Saga…

OK, so I admittedly labeled my ex-boyfriend’s cat food bin this way…
He says he’ll never forget me no matter how much time goes by because he still has to feed his cat…