This is something that was totally inspired by an old friend and Master Poet, Kosmogonic.

As my thoughts go numb to the silence that transplants the old, fog-horned days of glory, fingers randomly closing on memories floating by in the air, I am a sitting duck, without you.

As the poisonous swirl of clearing smoke winds its way into my lungs, a snake wrapped tightly ’round the limb of a lone tree, my bite is venomless without you.

As the sun slips behind the warmth I once buried beside you; your essence courses through my veins, but quickly dilutes into my own, I am pondscum without you.

As the smirking distance tears and chews up the many miles between where I am and the salvation of your fingertips touching my deepest and most sensual parts, I starve; so hungry without you.

As dewy drops roll down the leaves of fuzzy memories and recollected tendrils of smoky laughter fade and reshape into the ends of the world, any strength has abandoned me, utterly, muscles turn gelatinous without you.

As my words and their lack of meaning shoot like darts from the mouth I have come to regret and disdain, that open sore that won’t heal no matter what I do in attempt at affecting a salve, a festering wound, without you.


 Do you remember the days of Sand, when we met?

How the stars above were filled with awe…

And the sun shone brightest upon YOU and ME,

All bestowed with the blessings of Ra.

For OURS was a union, never foreseen,

Not by my Master, not by your Queen;

A bond of all lifetimes,

It turned the kindest man green.

While the Bronze days that followed,

Never quite had the feel of tomorrow

Bore secrets and legends made of victories and sorrow…

Shared by the trace of a bloodline

So ancient to this present space and time;

But YOU and I can still taste the flesh upon which we dined…

It is gone but not lost on the time we have borrowed.

So confusing, this fear pent up full inside here,

And the pangs have gotten stronger

I know YOU are near…

To find YOU again in an Iron of times

Has long sent the mysteries of the dead up my spine

Just to lose YOU once more in the throes of my mind…

The journey thus has been so unkind, so untrue to this soul of mine.

I reach for you now

Because I feel you there once more

Unsure and afraid of what you’ve come back to reach for,

But most certain that I can’t set these fires anymore.

Your soul knows all that will be, or has been,

Has it truly been written in limestone and sand grain?

That your return will be a mockery of destiny’s reunion…

 How many centuries have we buried in this sand?

Repeat the beat upon my chest for taking your shaking hand,

once again, we face each other for another final stand,

the sweetest of sauce,

can’t ease such a loss of such an elusive man.


Since the first night that I spent asleep in his words,
His – the most beautiful words this heart ever heard;
I fell fast asleep inside of an unfamiliar sense of relief,
To the lullaby spun from the lungs of a beast,
I slept like a baby as he looked after me…
He gave me shelter from the Carnivorous Things.

He recognizes the things that I hide for what they are,
He gives me real energy – such strength and power;
If he ever wonders, he doesn’t wonder why,
He’s wiped countless tears from beneath my eyes,
I let him pass through where all the other bodies lie…
Always knowing, always hating – he will someday say goodbye.

All I want to reach out for are his words as they float by,
Lusty swoon at the slice of moon that hangs inside his eyes
Since when he first folded me – buckled at my knees,
His strokes were long – songs, smiling growls down at me,
I’ve been captivated by a scent, taken chase – savagely,
Giggled schoolgirl, sprinkled sparks of jealousy…
He’s given me nothing, he gives me everything.