Damn Us.

damn us

Today’s Beautiful Discovery – My 4th Official Cut-Throat Award/Member Acknowledgment

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4th Official Cut-Throat Award – 3/9/2014

Today’s Beautiful Discovery

My fourth Cut Throat Award:

Knows who she is. Was. Won’t Be Anymore.

Her blog gave me the chills because some of the sentences she writes mirror my own from the former life that she and I share in common. She is much newer in her recovery from terroristic, physical trauma, and she is so much stronger than I was at that point of my own journey – her strength is inspiring – the grip she has on her situation is amazing I’m proud to know of the progress she continues to make in her recovery from the awful circumstances she left behind her. Welcome to the Cut-Throats

Sunshine at http://avictimsjournal.wordpress.com/about/

Here, you will read why she’s being acknowledged here;

Below is something from her blog:

“Now how the hell am I supposed to tell a Judge how it has really impacted my life if I have to be fucking politically correct about it? Was that bastard being “considerate” towards me when he terrorized and abused me?  So why the hell should I watch my words? Maybe I should draw a picture…”

“The red is my ANGER, the black is my HEART and the grey is my BRAIN. How’s that for an impact?  Hmm, not bad, I think I should put more RED. 🙂

The emphasis that I would like to place on the above excerpt is on the very end of the quoted statement above…


that – my friends (and enemies, alike); is the heart of a Cut-Throat Survivor.

Hat’s off to a new-found ray of Sunshine…

Welcome. 🙂

The First Official Public Cut Throat Club Award!

cut throat badgeThe newest member of the Cut-Throat Club and Today’s Award Recipient:


“Penny Lane Seriously”, a gifted writer, who shares some eerily similar histories to my own; as well as being an unsung genius in literary symbolism and prose – is the Official Second Cut-Throat online! You can  always go visit her blog, read her stuff and see why I I have recognized the cut-throat in her. Congratulations on being an extraordinary Survivor, PLS. Here’s lookin’ at YOU!

Feel free to sport your badge on your blog, too…hugs!