The “Unsecret” Dialogue Chronicles _ Series II _ Part 1

Part 1:


The tune to Another One Bites the Dust by Queen begins playing loudly as J’s personal ringtone on S’ phone.


S:       J, it’s 3:22am…you’d better be in need a blood transfusion or something…

The line is silent on the other end, eerily silent. Then muffled groans and agonizing noises gradually start to become louder in S’ ear.

S:       J….? Oi! J….? Hello? Hello, hello?….

J:        Esthhh…Esthh…ugghhhh….

S:       What the fuck is wrong with you? You off the wagon eh?

J:        Esthhh, I need you to come offfver, rught mow, pleathhz…

S:       J?! Are you alright? What’s happened why can’t you speak?

S is suddenly very alarmed by the fact that her friend is unable to speak without sounding like the Godfather (Brando) and a mouth full of cotton balls; she sits up and starts looking for her shoes and bag…

S:       I’m on the way, J…

J:        Uggghhhhhhh!!!!

S swipes off the phone and is out the door in a flash.




S:       J, you have thirty seconds to open the door before it gets fire-axed…

J’s front door flies open with stale, smoky breeze.

J:        Ugggghhhhh!!!

J grabs S by the shirt and pulls her into the doorway, slamming it behind them as they both stumbled into the darkness of J’s hot-boxed apartment; J is still clinging fiercely to S’ shirt and basically hanging on her right side, limply.

J:        Thuuuude….thoo you haff any of thothe pilths leff from your thurgery, Esthh…?

S noticed a whining in J’s voice that she had never heard before; she lit a cigarette in the dark, allowing herself a look at her friend’s face at last.

S:       Awwwww, J….you look like you’ve been hit by a truck!!!

J:        Do you haff pilths?…in a fuckton of fuccckkking pain ober here Esthh…

S:       Let me see it…c’mon now, open your mouth…

After a momentary, but comically pathetic (on J’s part) struggle, S finally convinced J to open her mouth and show off the culprit.

S:       Nasty fucker. Sucks for you, I have no pills…I ate them all after my last tooth saga – remember how fucked up I was? Sigh

J:        Aye…I rumumba…hey…?

S:       Ye?

J:        How bout your pwiers? Got ‘em on you?

S:       My pliers?…Yes, always…but….seriously?…you’re in THAT much pain, J?

J:        Uh-huh…uggghhhhh!….fuck yeth…fuck yeth…get it the fucckk outh! Pleath, Esthh, pleath!!!


On Time’s Passing.



Time passes,


and painlessly,

beating drums,

a Capella,

in a Native tongue

charge the masses

all against one;

time passes,


and painfully,

broken home,


a tap to the bone

reality in flashes

I’m all alone;

time passes,


and painlessly,

sapping hearts,

déjà vu,

of the same parts

hurt that smashes

all else apart;

time passes,


and painfully,

silent tears,


to mask the fear

lightning crashes

between my ears;

time passes.


and painlessly,

and I wait,


destiny and fate

enamel smashes

porcelain tea plate.

Time still passes

it both hurts

and strengthens

me, Sir;

Be it never

really for


or I

to understand

or to

its dance, concur.

Valientes de Corazón.

My Wings?... I Left 'Em Upstairs...

My Wings?…
I Left ‘Em Upstairs…

El desierto paisaje

mítico susurros secretos

de asustados oídos;

justo debajo de siembra

el viento como palabras

afiladas como espadas

de las pesadillas

un antiguo,

olvidado amigo,

valientes de corazón –

lealtades a perdido


tus oã dos,

para encontrar…

que no puede oír,

este mutilados

por las minas…

cortes, correas,

cadenas, sonrisas

y vicios –

por último



los temores;


el aire viciado

los gustos

de todos los años…