It started off last Tuesday, when I suddenly felt as if a barbed string had been inserted all the way up my left nostril somehow and was continuously wriggling around; by the following day, my left eye and ear were also affected severely. Wednesday morning, I was noticing the appearance of a horrid and disgusting taste in my mouth that I couldn’t wash away no matter which methods I tried.
A sinus infection, I figured…
I went to the doctor and suggested that I have another sinus infection (I am plagued by these regularly) and asked if they would just give me a prescription. They cultured me for Strep, and listened to my lungs before insisting that despite the fact that my lungs sounded “great”, I get a chest x-ray done – so I did. They sent me home with a dose of anti-biotic before calling me back the following day to inform me that they had been duped by my lungs during listening – and that I did, indeed, have pneumonia, after all. Lovely.
I have written before about being a carrier for MRSA, a leftover element of my ex-husband’s attempt on my life that haunts me endlessly; well, this is a good example of its lingering power and control over what would otherwise be an easily treated issue such as a sinus infection.
Due to my already weakened immune system (a direct result of the H-MRSA), and the colonization of this strain that I have unknowingly allowed to occur in my lungs during the past few months during the tax season crunch, etc. – and in combination with the poor status of my teeth, I have allowed myself to incubate full-blown necrotizing pneumonia again. I have only had this type of pneumonia two other times in the past, and both times brought on epic struggles between me and my immune system.
I will win again, I have no doubt…but wow…it is always quite humbling to be tossed on my ass once again by the invisible assailant known as H-MRSA.