Ten Far-Reaching Notions of Gratitude on “Thanksgiving”.


  1. Today, I am grateful that I am not a Republican.
  2. I am equally as thankful for not being a Democrat.
  3. Today, I feel gratitude towards my home and hearth; however, I will add that EVERYDAY holds sentiment for me – the roof over my head is something I do not allow myself to take for granted in any context.
  4. Today, I am glad to be a pothead, and feel thankful for the plentiful reaping of many crops this year, despite the seemingly perpetual amounts of labor attached to them.
  5. Today, I am thankful to have the double-edged ability to “dissociate” and/or “detach” from emotional torment or torture, as the holidays unfailingly suck worse than any time of any year for me, this year being no exception.
  6. Tomorrow, I will go to the Sempers and chop a beautiful tree that will enrich my home and hearth with its beautiful presence for the next 35 or so days, and I love trees so I am grateful for that.
  7. Although at this particular moment in time, I feel thoroughly perplexed by BOTH of roommates, at the end of the day I am grateful for each in his own, totally unique and irreplaceable way…an element in life that is not lost in me, as I have lived with some truly horrible people in the past, so I can appreciate and be thankful for that, too.
  8. My mother was not shot by some psychopath with a gun as a clueless, neighboring bystander to a recent tragedy.
  9. My father is recovering from his near-fatal beating considerably well, despite the continued vision problems.
  10. I have my freedom to be loser fuck-up with no motivation, direction, or driving force because I am a fucking “Muuurcan” (American).

Happy No-Donner-For-Dinner Day, Y’all.