Hello again,

you devilish thing,

smiling and beguiling,

white teeth shining,

you say that you,

remember eyes so blue,

that it was timing,

that undermined,

that worked against,

the devil in you,

and the sight of me,

in the same vicinity,

as where we last met,

in the sunshine,

young and divine,


tainted and jaded,

crossed the line,



way back in time,

I liked to call you ‘mine’,

you liked to cut the line,

think back hard and long,

if you dare to reflect upon,

the things you did,

when we were kids,

stupid and totally dumb,

I hold no grudge against you,

it’s was all incredibly fun,

memories behind me,

feelings that don’t belong,

you say to hug me,

flashed you back,

to a distant time,

in the moonshine,

when you loved me,

and spoke highly of me,

but I have changed my mind,

and now we’re just older,

both evolved to be colder,

than those long-gone times.