Halfway Shiny.

I hear the steps,
of someone Vader-esque,
around the doorframe,
pops a puzzled,
curious, questioning face;
the stoner familiarity,
of my jovial roommate,
“wasn’t there something…”
he points a finger at me,
“…that you were doing?”
I am elsewhere mentally,
reading a book about TIG welding;
“Don’t be a bump on a log…”
he snaps his fingers past me,
“Hello? Anyone there?”
I sit up in my chair, attentively –
and flash my brain back,
through the last hour that’s left me;
“Oh schnapp! I’m such a dingbat!”
and I leap up from my seat,
to go finish the task,
left unfinished by me,
the dining room floor was left:
only halfway shiny,
I must have been interrupted,
by my own train of thinking,
somehow I wound up outside gardening,
before going to my room,
where Vader Steps found me;
“You know, you’d forget your head,
if it weren’t attached back onto your body…”
“I’m focused – quit bothering me,
if you want this floor finished, at least.”
He shakes his head and walks away,
his Vader Steps loudly echoing,
I guess I chalk another one
up to my fucking ADHD.