The Force Awakens – And Runs All Over Hell and Back.

All that I am going to say about the newest Star Wars flick at this point in time is that it was vaguely reminiscent of some of my other favorite films (LOTR and The Hobbit) in one very notable way:

There is LOTS and LOTS of running…like – – – LOTS. Little BB Droid must be awesome shape. 🙂

That’s all for now, no spoilers.

The Empath and The Opportunist (Still Going).

Last night I had a “date”; not really like a date, because it wasn’t a new person and I didn’t go anywhere…okay, last night I spent time with the Opportunist because I was lonely and emotionally weakened by recent life events.
I shouldn’t have even looked at my phone yesterday at all based on my state of mind over my daughter, but hey – old habits die hard I guess.
He texted me some smart ass remark how nice my ass is out of the clear blue at like 7:30am though, so it was kinda hard to ignore; not to mention the fuckin’ guy’s timing…he must have a sensor of some kind that tells him when my guard is down or whatever, because he pops up without fail (as a good opportunist only should) when I am weak.
Anyway, so yeah…he ended up coming over and we watched Gunslingers and some lame show about gold mining in the arctic or some whack shit. I gave him whatever opportunities he needed last night…and that was that. He says I need to “work on my people skills”…that being asked to get dressed and go home after sex would be highly offensive most guys and I’m “lucky he knows where I’m coming from”…I guess it was always like that between us – even when we lived together, I slept separately at night because I wanted to.
In summary, having a “date” with the opportunist last night only re-affirmed how well-suited someone so shallow is for me at present…because I am still an emotional and social train-wreck, apparently.

Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace – Part 4: The Vigilante Cop.

true detective

The next segment of Psychopathic Bringers of Justice and Peace revolves around the two detectives from the HBO Series called True Detective – Matthew McConaughey’s broken, but profoundly wise character, police detective Rust Cohle, and Woody Harrelson’s uptight and poorly experienced character, Martin Hart.
Throughout the first season of this series, we watched the partnered characters of Woody Harrelson and McConaughey travel through the span of a decade’s time. We watched Rust arrive as a strategically relocated vice cop from Texas to a strange, back-country town in Louisiana to work the case of his lifetime. The series plays out for Rust alongside of a very different partner, Harrelson’s character, Marty Hart.

Rust’s Traits and Characteristics:
1. grieving father
2. a vigilante officer of the law
3. hyper-vigilant
4. traumatized
5. a survivor of near-fatal injuries
6. highly spiritual (but not religious)
7. very opinionated
8. motivated
9. alcoholic
10. willing to kill and/or die for his cause(s)

Marty’s Traits and Characteristics:
1. absent father
2. deceptive
3. self-absorbed
4. unobservant
5. disloyal
6. competitive
7. proud
8. god-fearing
9. narrow-minded
10. willing to kill and/or die for his causes(s)

One thing that I found highly interesting about this plot and the characters was the truth to life that remained present in each scene of every episode. This was such a deeply moving series for many reasons, but Rust certainly stole the show early on with the insightful lines he would spit that would unfailingly cause his stiff-lipped partner (who understand him ZERO percent) shake his head and change the subject. Hit #1 with me, as someone who often receives that same reaction from those around me, when I speak my mind’s madness out loud. I hated the murders and the filth of human flesh attached to the ritualistic, murderous clan of old Yankee men on down the line to the inbred giant and his lover/sister – but not hated it in the sense of any distaste for the writing or amazingly spun plot-line. In all honesty, the discomfort and distaste that I experienced throughout many scenes of the season were based on the TRUTH and REALITY that looms darkly behind the show’s overall storyline.
So, once again – by the end of the season, the viewer (well, I was at least) is rooting for these two cops to do whatever they gotta do to bring down the monsters; any and all of our celebrated respect for the notion of judicial righteousness or justice goes out the window with each dead body discovered. The closer that I got to being forced to accept the defeat of our vigilante detectives towards the end of season one; the more desperate I became to see the bad monsters slain, “not brought to justice”. And unsurprisingly, by that time, I had also totally sided with Rust’s warped state of mind and plan of attack, as well. SHOCKER, right?

I have a confession:

Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf the Grey



Radagast the Brown

Radagast the Brown

Sam Gamgee

Sam Gamgee


Lord of the Rings – Battle of the Five Armies – in IMAX

The “Good Bunkie” and I are both total LOTR freaks, I am finally openly admitting this publicly on my blog…YES…I am secretly infatuated with Gandalf the Grey, Legolas, and Radagast the Brown…okay okay, I adore Samwise Gamgee, too…shoot me.

Anyway, On Christmas night, the two of ventured out to the nearby IMAX theater to see the Battle of the Five Armies, finally…we have both been waiting like little children in a long line for a candy straw since we heard of its upcoming release. Yes, this is what happens when you almost get killed, but bounce back – quit heroin – lose your identity and child – move into a bachelor pad and take it one day at a time…you become a Lord of the Rings geek.


It’s not really a spoiler, just a glimpse of the fucking sheer awesomeness that this saga stands for, really:

At the end, there is part when Thorin Oakenshield and his best warriors (Fili, Kili, and Nori) have to get up to the top of a mountain quickly to try and take the Defiler where he has posted to watch his waged war. As an Aries, I just loved the fact that the guys rode Billy Goats as horses in this scene and went straight the fuck up the side of the hill in a flash, the effects were insane in IMAX…that’s it, that’s all I’m spoiling but when you watch it – – – make sure not to miss that genius split second of sheer FUCK YEA!

Okay, the jig is up and now everyone knows: I am A Die Hard Lord of the Rings Geek. Yes I am. If you aren’t, you should be. 🙂