The noise has grown unbearable atop a fortress’ ramparts –
ten thousand swooping pterodactyls amidst the horizon,
the bantering of all the world’s inebriated sailors setting sail –
the bellies of every monster growling in a symphony of hunger,
the swarming of every dead and gone spirit’s uprising to the heat –
a chaotic explosion from nothing at all into everything there is,
the drowning out of young giggles within meaningless adult words –
complete destruction of the calm isles veiled by smoky-blue waters,
the solitude of confinement washed out by a high pressure firehose –
the noise grows and grows like an ornery, bad weed strain,
it’s rumble and tumble tectonically taking steps towards world war –
plates shifting, funnels twisting, levees failing, babies adapting,
a species evolving to become accustomed to its deafening noise –
a breed unlike the original roots to a better humanity,
the fields became buildings, the tractors drove themselves away –
malfunctioned smart electronics that will throttle our truths,
skies changing into backdrops to a new storyline –
a scripted game played by something or things much greater,
much wiser, much more antiquated than the pawns moved around –
this is the noise, this is what it must sound like to be swallowed,
by an invisible ocean giant sperm whale, inside of space’s vacuum.

Vader Steps.

Footsteps outside my bedroom door,

constantly stomping back and forth –

begging for me to come unglued,

and booby trap the hallway floor;

How many times must you go down the hall?

is there even a purpose at all? –

other than to annoy me until I eventually feel,

as if I want to climb the fucking walls.

Its only ever when I want to be alone,

that you suddenly feel the need to come –

like Vader, with your footing, so fucking loud,

to get all up on my nerve – the very last one.

Can’t you just sit the fuck down?

Like usual – and just lay around –

Its funny as hell how when my time is down,

You are suddenly compelled to stomp your fat ass around.