I remember,
how you seemed,
to know exactly,
where you were going,
as you hurdled,
my front gate,
so self-assuredly,
then made your way,
to my front door,
and introduced,
yourself to me –
the day had,
been one: blazing,
triple digit heat,
the sun was setting,
you wore,
a handkerchief,
around your face,
like a handsome,
sweaty bandit –
it all happened,
no sooner than,
and Gods Damn!
I love this man,
in the fade,
of daylight’s last stand –
there you came,
to stake in me,
an eternally,
standing claim,
I once told you:
that I am far too,
bat-shit crazy,
to fuck around with you –
you once told me:
that you fell for me,
after the first time,
that we,
got naked,
and sweaty –
late that night,
we lie in darkness,
you thought I,
was fast asleep,
when you were,
with your very life,
at the notion of:
ever leaving me.